2017 New Client Pricing and Service Basics

The Poo Man has been providing routine pet waste removal service in Rochester for the past 15 years. Our philosophy is to get the job done as simply and efficiently as possible!

  • We do not provide single "one time" Spring clean ups as we are a weekly service provider.
  • We service Rochester, NY... So if you live in: Brighton, City of Rochester east side, East Henrietta, Fairport (Perinton), Penfield, Pittsford, Webster, Greece (East of North Greece Road, North of 104) and Victor (Limited area).

What You Get:


  • Once weekly or twice weekly service. (Twice weekly service availability may depend on your location)
  • Complete rake up AND REMOVAL of your pets waste.
  • Removal/disposal is included at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE! It all goes with me.
  • You do not have to leave a garbage bin out or find a bag of poo waiting for you - its simply gone! (again..no additional charge!)
  • I am the owner of the business, I provide this service personally to every client. No employees alone in your yard.
  • My work vehicles are not covered with decals, so there is no mobile commercial going on in your driveway while I get your yard cleaned up.
  • No contract required. You can start or stop service whenever you like. (Please do not start service and cancel after initial clean up is performed)
  • Fully insured.

Note on yard size: I have found that most dogs tend to use the same area in a yard repeatedly. If you have a larger yard (over an acre) but it is not necessary to walk the entire property, I see no need for an additional charge on larger yards.


1-3 dogs (any size dog) 4 dogs +
Initial/Spring Clean Up: $50

Then your (Once) weekly service thereafter is: $9.50/week

Or (Twice) weekly service (subject to availability) is:
Prices negotiable, leave details in quote request section.

This is not per dog, this is the total. Sales tax not included.

I run this service quietly and efficiently. All you should notice is your dog poop is missing once or twice per week!

Invoices are sent out monthly.


So if you are looking for a basic maintenance program for your yard... go to our "contact us" section and fill out our price quote info request. Provide your yard details and any other questions you may have. We will get back to you shortly, go over any details, and get you on board for the 2017 season. E-mail is the best way to contact us.